Tips & Advice: Getting on the road

Tips & Advice: Getting on the road

The start of the eventing season is always filled with excitement and anticipation and never more so than in 2022 after two disrupted years of competition.

In addition to horse and rider fitness, goal setting and training, preparation also takes the form of checking and restocking kit, equipment and transport.

With two elite riders, 35 horses, countless staff members and two young children to factor in to their Jonelle Price and her Head Girl Kerryn Edmans are the masters of organisation. Jonelle is currently ranked second in the FEI world rankings, just ahead of her husband, fellow New Zealander, Tim Price in third.

Based at Mere Farm in Wiltshire, the team have three lorries – a MAN six-horse horsebox, DAF four-horse horsebox and Renault two-horse horsebox – to stock for the season.


To find out how Team Price stay one step ahead, we caught up with Kerryn to find out the secrets to staying organised.

“When it comes to packing, lists are everything! Our Yard Manager Lucy Miles used to be Head Girl and she taught me a lot. We have different lists depending on the competition: one-day events, three-day events and international events. The lists are kept at the yard, in each truck, on the computer and on my phone so they’re always available.

“There are also plenty of additional lists, depending on whether it’s just Tim or Jonelle competing, or both and whether the whole family is coming too. This is known as the ‘travelling circus list’ and it’s an essential one to get right. This will include extra essentials such as the children’s bikes, outdoor furniture, the barbecue and toy boxes – not the usual type for the eventing season!

“We currently have around 35 horses at the yard and running a tight ship is critical. When Tim and Jonelle are competing, we can have up to 12 horses out at events, plus Tim, Jonelle and Tayla Mason, our third rider, and team members, which means I need to be able to lay my hand on everything needed at any point. My role, and that of my team, is to make sure Tim and Jonelle can focus on riding, knowing that everything else is taken care of.

“Jonelle and I have just returned from Vejer de la Frontera, Andalusia, in Spain. We took 5* Grovine De Reve, Classic Moet and McClaren, 4* Faerie Magnifico and Killbunny Andy, plus two youngsters, Fernhill Kankan and Full Monty de Lacense, to compete in dressage and show jumping in the Sunshine Tour 2022.

“We have big plans for 2022 covering off all the northern hemsiphere 5* competitions and so preparation is essential.

The Sunshine Tour 2021 transport convoy to Spain

Where it starts

“At the yard, I have huge whiteboards with colour-coded columns to stay on top of what’s needed. One column is for Tim’s horses and covers their tack, bandages and individual quirks, while the other column is for Jonelle’s. Another whiteboard covers the yard rules and jobs so it’s clear what needs doing daily and nothing gets missed.

“While Team Price operate as one, there are distinct differences between Tim and Jonelle’s preferences and so there is another whiteboard for those. For example, Jonelle likes her horses’ tails brushed daily and girth straps left out, while Tim prefers his horses’ tails to be brushed less often and girth straps tucked in.

Mental run-through

“While the lists are essential, I also take a quiet moment in the trucks at the beginning of the season and ahead of each competition. I open each of the lockers, think of every horse and every phase, then systematically go through the tack needed. Then I do the same with the aftercare, such as ice and clay, and start packing. Once it’s all packed, I run through it all again.

“While everything on the list is an essential, my personal must-have is my ‘magic box’ – I never travel anywhere without it. It contains all my essential tools for grooming and everything in there has been put to the test over the years. In there is everything I need, from pins for number holders and deodorant (grooming can be hot work) to plaiting gel, a brush for quartermarks, crochet hooks and Polos.

“It also contains two different types of comb and markers for Tim’s horses’ plaits and the same for Jonelle – Tim prefers bigger plaits while Jonelle prefers much smaller ones. It’s so easy to lose items when you work in such a big team, but this way I keep everything close and always have what I need.


“While most things could be borrowed from a neighbour in the stables, there are some things that can’t be replaced.

“For Team Price, this would be our mascots. Whenever one of our horses makes their 5* debut, they get a new mascot. We ask the owners for input and everyone in the yard has a say as it has to represent that horse’s personality. Our three newest 5* horses are a great example: Falco is an energetic superstar, so he has Tigger, McClaren with his swagger has a monkey and Centennial, Tayla’s horse, has a donkey. It’s become a ritual for us all – the mascots go outside their stables and in the backpacks for each phase. They’re irreplaceable!”

Jonelle and Grovine De Reve show jumping at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Photo: Sport In Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

Jonelle Price, international event rider

“At the start of the year, we factor in the maintenance of the lorries, such as servicing and MOTs, so we start the season with everything up to date and ready to go.

“During the season, we can be away for weeks at a time, so it’s important the trucks become a home away from home for us, our children and our team. We rely heavily on our technology as Tim and I are working while we’re on the road, so this is a major priority.

“While Kerryn takes care of everything Tim and I need to compete, I keep a close eye on groceries and toiletries and top up as we go. An essential for me are my herbs and spices – I’m always cooking for the family and the team, and so I never run out!”

Kerryn’s lists for every eventuality

❏ Leather halter
❏ Spare halter
❏ Spare leadropes
❏ Number holders
❏ Bridle numbers
❏ White/black tape
❏ Marker pen
❏ Rug racks
❏ Bridle racks
❏ Work saddle pads
❏ Work boots
❏ Bandages/wraps
❏ Vet box
❏ Tack cleaning
❏ Fork
❏ Shovel
❏ Broom
❏ Wheelbarrow
❏ Water buckets
❏ Feed buckets
❏ XC wheel
❏ Long hose
❏ Rubber mats
❏ Feet tubs
❏ Magnetic rug
❏ Nebuliser
❏ Laser and microcurrent therapy
❏ Passports – human
❏ Passports – horse
❏ Export papers
❏ Health certificates
❏ Plaiting kit
❏ Stall guards
❏ String
❏ Bit box
❏ Sugar cubes
❏ Polos
❏ Calmer
❏ Thermometer
❏ Clay

❏ Towels
❏ Stencil
❏ Brushes
❏ Combs
❏ Baby oil
❏ Hoof oil
❏ Mane & tail detangler
❏ Shampoo
❏ Conditioner
❏ Blue shampoo
❏ Vaseline
❏ Fly spray
❏ Glisten oil
❏ Clippers – big
❏ Clippers – small
❏ Sponges/scrapers
❏ Hoof pick
❏ Chalk
❏ Scissors
❏ White bandages
❏ Mascots
❏ Backpack
❏ Rugs
❏ Cotton sheet
❏ Fly sheet
❏ Stable rug
❏ Trot-up rug
❏ Sweat sheets
❏ Rain sheets
❏ Thermatex
❏ Turnout rugs
❏ Fleece rugs
❏ Under rugs
❏ Team rugs
❏ Rub vests

❏ Dressage whip
❏ Dressage white pads
❏ Saddle pads
❏ Dressage reins
❏ Dressage saddle
❏ Bits
❏ Dressage girth
❏ Fluffy girth
❏ Dressage breastplate
❏ Bridle
❏ White boots
❏ White bandage
❏ Ear bonnets
❏ Lunging gear

❏ Show jumping whip
❏ Jump pads
❏ Saddle pads
❏ Bits
❏ Show jumping reins
❏ Jump saddle
❏ Breastplate
❏ Rings
❏ Spare stoppers
❏ Jump boots

❏ Spare shoes
❏ White/black tape
❏ Nasal strips
❏ XC reins
❏ Spare stoppers
❏ Talcum powder
❏ Vaseline
❏ Breastplate
❏ Rings
❏ Spares
❏ XC boots
❏ Overreach boots
❏ Studs
❏ Rubber gloves
❏ Grease
❏ Buckets
❏ Sponges
❏ Scrapers
❏ Towel
❏ Scissors
❏ Ice bags
❏ Ice boots
❏ XC bridle
❏ Electrolyte paste
❏ Fluids
❏ Chifney

❏ Feed
❏ Supplements
❏ Hay
❏ Hay steamer
❏ Haybags