Event Horse Owners Association Members League

Event Horse Owners Association Members League

The Event Horse Owners Association (EHOA) is funding an exciting and dynamic new league for top level eventing on British soil.

The concept rewards the most competitive and consistent combinations at CCI4*-S and CCI4*-L levels throughout the 2022 season. The EHOA points system, designed by EquiRatings, features a tight points distribution for the top 25 (CCI4*-L) and top 15 (CCI4*-S) finishers, plus a unique negative points structure for cross country jumping errors.

For winning a CCI4*-L event, combinations get 25 points, reducing by one point per place to all top 25 finishers. It’s 15 points for winning a CCI4*-S, with points reducing by one for all top 15 finishers. Points deductions are also suffered, with combinations losing five points for 20 to less than 40 jumping penalties on cross country, receiving -10 for 40 or more penalties, or getting -15 for failing to finish the cross country phase.

The EHOA Members League carries a minimum of £20,000 in prize money, divided between the winner (£15,000 minimum), the runner-up and a special prize for the top-placed horse ridden by a young rider (aged 28 or below until end of 2022).

The League is open to all but in order to claim the prizes, the owners of the horses must be an EHOA member before 1 August 2022. After that date, the league will reduce to only those combinations owned by an EHOA registered owner.


(As of 22 August 2022)

  1. Ros Canter & Pencos
    Crown Jewel – 45
  2. Heidi Coy &
    Halenza – 39
  3. Thomas Carlile &
    Darmagnac De Beliard – 36
  4. Ros Canter &
    Izilot DHI – 34
  5. Susannah Berry &
    Ringwood LB – 33

Article first published in British Eventing Life Autumn 2022