Our Badminton cross country viewing hot spots

There's no doubt that cross country day is the highlight of Mitsubishi Motors Badminton and draws vast crowds every year. We've picked out our top viewing spots so that you can head straight out there and enjoy the best view! The full course is available on the Badminton website via CrossCountry App

4 abc/5
Savills Staircase

The first on our list of top fences to view is the Savills Staircase at 4. There’s a lot to see here, with a log parallel at the top of two steps, followed by three strides to a parallel. Why not get here early to see if riders choose to take the long or short route, depending on how good a jump they get down the step.

Outlander PHEV Bank

Set yourself up by the Outlander PHEV bank for a while and you'll not only see combinations jump up the iconic big step, down and over the brush at the bottom, but will see competitors fly over the imposing Rolex Grand Slam Trakehner.

Hildon Water Pond

This fence will undoubtedly draw lots of attention with the addition of some exciting water features. Get a good spot here and you will see riders navigate a big drop into the pond, with waterfall running off the back, followed by 3 – 4 strides to the trough in the middle.

17abc/18 Mirage Water

Setting up camp near the Mirage Water is the perfect opportunity to see a range of fences. Riders have the option of a straight route and slower alternative here so it will be interesting to see who chooses which. Both start with a 90 degree corner and this complex is a real 5 star question. Set yourself down here for a while, and enjoy the action as well as a selection of food and coffee stands provided to sustain you all day!

19ab Nyetimber Heights

This year sees a change at the Nyetimber Heights which will certainly be worth pitching up at. This question sees combinations jump a brush on the top of a bank followed by a real test of accuracy and control. Four narrow brushes at an acute angle sit on the top of a slope out. We think this will be a really interesting multiple-choice question.

The Lake 

How could we not include the Lake! From here you will see a whole host of action - especially from the BE Members' Pavilion! This complex has to be the firm crowd favourite. There is a lot to look at with the stunning Badminton House in the background, drops, brushes, steps and waterfalls. It will no doubt get busy down here.

BE Members have free access to the Members’ Pavilion (Lakeside number 9) which offers second to none lakeside viewing, not to mention free, tea, coffee and cakes. It's anticipated to get very busy on Saturday here, so bring your picnic blanket in case the seats are full. If you are not a member you can sign up for supporter membership at at the pavilion. Find out more HERE.

Cross country kicks off 11.30am on Saturday 4 May, a full list of start time can be found HERE and if you can't make it to Badminton here is how you can watch from home

View the full cross country course