Look after your own(ers)

Look after your own(ers)

Supportive owners are an essential part of any event rider’s team. Here are the Event Horse Owners Association’s (EHOA) top tips for looking after owners.

At the yard

Be clear about terms – it is important to have an owner/rider agreement. Understand fully the relationship between owner and horse.

Make owners feel fully involved. Start the year with a draft plan of competitions and goals – these frequently change, but it is helpful nonetheless.

Bear in mind when planning events the distances owners will have to travel.

Remember that multiple owners are as important as the single owner.

At events

Make sure that all registered owners have entry passes and/or wristlets to the event and stables if applicable.

Make sure that owner details are stated wherever possible so that commentators can provide suitable recognition.

Include owners in prize-givings, especially at major events.

Where possible, ensure that your owners have access to parking close to the lorry park.

Above all, make sure your owners have fun and are kept involved.

Visit www.ehoa.org for more information regarding event horse ownership and how you can get involved.