Introducing GO BE

Introducing GO BE

Riders can now take part in a British Eventing competition without the need for a BE membership and without a BE published record of results, following the launch of brand-new GO BE classes.

Launched on 1 July, these classes will be run in accordance with all other BE competitions, just with the notable difference that they will be open to all riders (non-members will need to complete a free associate registration and horse registration via the website) and results will be unpublished.

This new format has been developed to reach out to the groups of competitors who wish to compete with BE but without their results being recorded in the BE database. It is hoped this will be especially attractive for those producing younger horses.


It is also aimed to appeal to those riders who wish to try competing with BE for the first time but without the initial commitment of purchasing a membership.

Classes are available from 80-100cm and will be known as GOBE80, GOBE90 and GOBE100. Minimum entry requirements as per BE100 classes will be required for GOBE100 level.

This exciting initiative provides many of the benefits of competing under the Gold Standard with BE, including the safety provisions, medical and veterinary care and the quality of the ground, course design and trained officials.

Start enjoying GO BE by signing up to be an associate member at


  • Anyone can enter. No BE membership required, just a free registration*.
  • Same courses and organising team as National BE classes.
  • Results unpublished.
  • Entry fees will be set at the lower limit.
  • No prize money.
  • Won’t count for MERs and qualifications.

*Non-members will need to complete a free registration