Five reasons you should consider personal accident cover

Five reasons you should consider personal accident cover


1. Temporary total disablement

We all know there is a level of risk involved with riding and even handling horses on the ground. They can be unpredictable so how would you cope if a horse-related accident meant you were unable to work for a period of time? The KBIS BE Personal Accident policy will pay out a weekly benefit in line with the cover you have chosen. This does not need to be reflective of your earnings; the cover option you select is the amount you will receive back. This can be used to cover bills, rent, livery costs, whatever you decide, easing the financial pressure at an already stressful time.

2. Replacement of equipment

If you were out competing in all your best competition gear and had a fall resulting in your air jacket being cut off, could you afford to replace this? Whilst this may not be your top priority initially, later down the line it can be a worry. The KBIS BE Personal Accident policy will pay out for the replacement of these items up to the value of £500, to get you safely back in the saddle as soon as as you are ready.

3. Both on and off the horse

Riding multiple horses for both yourself and others? The KBIS BE Personal Accident policy provides cover for any accidents sustained whilst riding or handling horses as standard. This could be as a result of riding your own horse or whilst riding for someone else, at home or out and about.

4. International

Not only will the KBIS BE Personal Accident policy cover you to ride any horse, it will also cover you anywhere in the world. Whilst the policy would not replace your standard travel insurance, additional travel expenses will be paid out for if you sustain an injury from an accident whilst out of the UK. This will cover costs up to £5,000 to get you home again, following an accident abroad.

5. Catastrophe payouts

Whilst we like to focus on the many positives of riding and eventing, the nature of the sport means there are also more serious accidents that can happen. Life-changing injuries that occur as a result of riding or handling a horse will entitle the policyholder to a lump-sum benefit, where the amount varies depending on the injury sustained.

To find out more, visit the dedicated KBIS BE Personal Accident page.