Have horse, will travel

Have horse, will travel


When it comes to combining high levels of comfort and safety for travelling horses with effortless towing and handling, the Cheval Liberté UK range of horse trailers is hard to beat.

Cheval Liberté trailers are constructed with practicality, safety and comfort in mind with many features that make them superior to others on the UK market. The range includes forward facing and Herringbone travelling styles suitable for 1 to 4 horses, designed with sleek, aerodynamic one-piece front and nose appearance.

The range offers a car-like coil spring and gas struct Pullman 2 Suspension system offers industry-leading lowered floor height and exceptional handling qualities. This mechanism means that any imperfections on the road are effectively absorbed, significantly reducing trailer movement and noise, keeping your horse relaxed and ready for optimal performance.

The Pullman 2 Suspension uses a single-piece chassis, so the trailer’s centre of gravity is closer to the ground which results in better balance, no incline, no steps, and a ground clearance of only 30cm that makes for easy loading.

Every horse is different, and having the ability to adapt the opening to their preference can make loading your horse stress free. Cheval Liberté founded the two-in-one combination rear ramp/door that allows you to transform the trailers’ rear opening from a ramp to a barn door and back again.

The barn doors also make for easy washing out and hay/feed transportation. This rear opening, teamed with the trailer’s wide front unloading ramp, which includes a large opening flap with a sliding window, enables you to walk your horse out of the trailer effortlessly, ideal for nervous loaders. You can enter and exit the trailer in one swift movement, building up his confidence and reducing the fear of being trapped.

While the horse’s comfort is paramount, Cheval Liberté’s trailers are designed with you in mind as well. Offering large built-in tack rooms to store tack, equipment, and luggage, enabling you to save space in your towing vehicle and safely lock away your possessions while travelling. A vanity mirror and storage on the tack room door’s interior means you can get ready for competition with ease.

All Cheval Liberté trailers are manufactured using high-class materials renowned for their technical qualities. They have been making aluminium-sided trailers for more than 10 years, and with extensive research and development, the range is stronger, lighter, and has better handling qualities than ever. As all trailers have aluminium flooring, the strong one-piece reinforced polyester roof and front and side padding, kick panels, and adjustable breast and breech bars as standard, the trailers’ longevity is secure, and both you and your horses will arrive ready for optimal performance for many happy years.