Struggling with body protectors?

Struggling with body protectors?


Not only are FOMO changing the body protector game through product innovation with their first body protector FAZE, but they are also leading the way with modern-day customer service through their new virtual fitting service.

Buying a garment online can be daunting, never mind a body protector that is fitted using multiple measurements and different dress sizes and back lengths.

FOMO are offering customers a free Virtual Fitting Pack containing measurement tape, colour samples and product info posted direct to your doorstep. You can then use their handy Fitting Video to take your own measurements with a helper or alternatively book a virtual fitting with one of the knowledgeable FOMO team members.

They are also offering the option to have a fitting sample sent for a small additional cost so that you can check product fit and size before selecting your final option.

FOMO’s FAZE is an equestrian body protector that has won numerous prestigious awards and is set to revolutionise the market.

Award-winning body protection

FAZE is the first in FOMO’s line of state-of-the-art equestrian body protection which looks to enhance rider performance, not inhibit it. FAZE features a unique, adjustable mechanism which works to mould the body protector to your body shape. By limiting the space between your body and the foam, you significantly reduce the margin for injury should you fall. The mechanism allows you to adjust the protector to the way you want it to feel, giving you control of your comfort and safety. The soft adaptive foams provide unrivalled protection, instantly hardening on impact.
The combination of textiles used in the FAZE innovative design ensures that it is flexible, breathable and easy to adjust and the outer cover is removable and washable. So now you can be your best because with FOMO, there is no compromise.

FOMO FAZE is an approved EN13158:2018 and BETA 2018 Level 3 body protector. It has been tested over and above industry standard including revolutionary testing to model lifelike fall scenarios which include multiple speeds and obstacles in both the show jumping ring and cross-country course.

FAZE is available to buy through the website.

Women’s FAZE £299 RRP
Available in all standard sizes.